Economist Managements

Dr. Robert J. Hogan, Jr.
Associate Professor
Extension Economist-Management
PhD (Agricultural Economics), Oklahoma State University
BS (Agricultural Economics), Oklahoma State University

Research Interests:
Farm and Ranch management, Production Economics, Water Issues, Economic Markets, Product Marketing, and Price Analysis.


About Dr. Hogan:

Dr. Robert “Rob” Hogan is an Associate Professor and Extension Economist, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, District 10 stationed at the Texas A&M Research & Extension Center in Uvalde.

Rob was raised on a family farm and ranch in the Panhandle of Texas, east of Amarillo. He earned a B.S. in agricultural economics from Oklahoma State University (1972). Returning to the family operation, he was a producer of beef cattle, forage, and wheat from 1972 through 1999. During this time like others in that area, he held various off farm jobs to increase and stabilize family income.

In 1999 after all children were grown and gone from home, he returned to graduate school at Oklahoma State University with his wife Geniva. Rob received his Ph.D. in 2003 in agricultural economics with specialties in livestock marketing and production economics.

As the District Economist, his responsibilities include presentation of economically related information and applied research in management, marketing, and policy for stakeholders in Southwest Texas such as farmers and ranchers, merchandisers, processors, and lenders.

He is a member of the American Agricultural Economics Association, Southern Agricultural Economics Association, and Western Agricultural Economics Association.

Selected Publications:

Carlberg, J.G., S. Fryza, and R.J. Hogan, Jr. “Canadian Consumers’ Knowledge and Perceptions of Sustainability Labeled Products.” Selected Paper, 134th EAAE Seminar Labels on Sustainability: An Issue for Consumers, Producers, Policymakers and NGOs, Paris, France, March 2013.

Carlberg, J.G., and R.J. Hogan, Jr. “Can Enhanced Traceability Generate Extra Value-Added for Cattle at Auction?” Selected paper, Southern Agricultural Economics Association annual meeting, Orlando, Florida, February 2013.

Carlberg, J.G., R.J. Hogan, Jr., and C.E. Ward. “What Drives Quality Grade Price Spreads in the Canadian Beef Industry?” Selected paper, Canadian Agricultural Economics Society annual meeting. Niagara Falls, Ontario. June 2012.

Hogan, Robert, Jared Carlberg, Clement Ward, and Derrell Peel. “Factors Affecting Quality Grade Discounts For Fed Cattle.” Selected paper, 2012 Southern Agricultural Economics Association annual meeting. Birmingham, AL. February, 2012.

Vories, E., R. Hogan, J. Greene, B. Phipps, L. Pringle, J. Stewart, T. Teague, and T. Griffin. “Determining the Optimum Timing for the Final Furrow Irrigation on Mid-South Cotton.” Applied Engineering in Agriculture. Vol 27(5): 737-745.

A.W. Sturdivant, M.E. Rister, R.D. Lacewell, R. Hogan, A.M. Michelsen, Z. Sheng, E.K. Seawright, A.J. Leidner, T. Becker, W. McLaughlin, and A.E. Conrad.  “Economists: Task 1.”  Joint Rio Grande Basin Initiatives Annual Conference.  Alpine, TX.  May 19, 2010.

Bourland, Fred, Robert Hogan, Ed M. Barnes, and Don C. Jones. “Development and Utility of Q-score for Characterizing Cotton Fiber Quality” Journal of Cotton Science. 2(2010):53-63.

Carlberg, J.G., R.J. Hogan, Jr., and C.E. Ward. “Game Theory Application to Fed Cattle Procurement in an Experimental Market.” Agribusiness: An International Journal 25(2009):56-69.

Klose, Steven L., Danny Klinefelter, and Rob Hogan. 2008. “Agriculture and the 2008 Credit Crisis.” 2008-6. Publication Series, Department of Agricultural Economics, The Texas A & M University System. November.

Contact Mr. Hogan at:
830-278-9151 ext 288
830-278-4008 fax

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